LAB NOTES: Buttermilk Substitutes

Buttermilk Substitute made with Split Pea Milk from the top.

Hello, Wayne AKA the Mad Food Scientist here.
I’ve mentioned the subject of today’s post in a couple posts already. I decided it needed a standalone post of it’s own. What am I talking about? Homemade substitutes for buttermilk. Let’s face it, who keeps buttermilk at home? Who can afford to buy it? Not me, that’s for sure. However, during lockdown back in 2020 I started exploring baking and came across the buttermilk substitutes I am sharing below. I claim no authorship, I am simply sharing something I find that’s neat.

LAB NOTES: 07 May, 2023
METHOD 1: Milk. This works for both cow’s milk and plant based milks.
360g/1 1/2 cups milk
2 TBSP Lemon juice, distilled white vinegar, or apple cider vinegar.

Pour the milk into a measuring cup.
Pour the acid into the milk
Let stand at room temperature for about ten minutes
It should thicken slightly. While you’re waiting for this you can set up the rest of the recipe.
Stir again before adding to the mixing bowl. 

Split Pea Milk Buttermilk Substitute from the side.

METHOD 2: ( Yoghurt )
1 1/4 cup plain yoghurt. 
1/4 cup water
Put the yoghurt into your measuring cup
pour in the water
Let stand at room temperature while you get your other things set up.
Stir again before adding to the mixing bowl.

I’ve made this with cow’s milk,  Oatmilk, and Split Pea milk.
I’ve also done the yoghurt variant. Honestly, the bread made with it tasted the best until I made the buttermilk substitute with the Split Pea Milk. I’d say it was a dead heat between the bread made with the yoghurt buttermilk substitute and the bread made with the Split Pea Milk buttermilk substitute. Please feel free to add this tool to your culinary toolkit. Next time I make vegan yoghurt I’ll run a head to head experimental series between the Split pea milk buttermilk substitute and the yoghurt buttermilk substitute.

Keep Safe