Hello and Welcome!

Welcome to The Domestic Culinary Lab AKA The DCL.
Hello, I’m a mad food scientist named Wayne. I began my transformation from just a home cook to a mad food scientist in March of 2022. That’s when I began to convert my ordinary kitchen into what became The Domestic Culinary Lab.
The beginning was when I’d made a copycat version of Campbell’s Bean With Bacon soup that tasted better than what I remembered the Campbell’s tasting like ( I cheated, I tweaked the recipe ). That soup was one of my Dad’s favourites, sadly, I couldn’t share that recipe with him as he’d passed on a decade previous. Making and eating that soup comforted me and gave me a sense of connection with my Dad. Then annoyance with what a local eatery was charging for refried beans led to trying, and succeeding, in making refried beans. Those burritos made with the refried beans, some storebought tortillas, and cheese cost a fraction what the local eatery was charging for burritos. I didn’t miss the meat. Then things really got kicked off in The DCL. I’ve done a lot of different and interesting, to me, things in the DCL.
My goal in writing this blog is to share my adventures, neat things I’ve learned, and money saving ideas along the way. A part of the impetus for this blog came from friends that I’d shared my adventures with suggesting that I start a blog, and/or write a book.
I don’t really plan too far ahead with what I decide to experiment with. I follow my curiosity.
Please come along for the ride, but buckle up!

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