Small eye emergency: averted.

On 07/02/2023 the scleral bandage lens in my right eye came out. This was bad, really, really bad. I have have a keratoprothetic installed in my right eye since 2010 and the contact lens needs to be in place to keep the tissue around the installation from melting. Which, would cause the installation to fail. This is on the list of NOT GOOD things. The scleral bandage lens is a huge thing that I am unable to re-insert myself. I weighed my options and planned accordingly.
I attempted to save the lens by keeping it soaking in artificial tears. Which, I learned later was to no avail.
I set my alarm for 0430hrs, got up, and got ready to leave for Chicago. I made sure the kitterlings had fresh water, food, and litter. Then I called off of work and ordered an Uber.
Therefore, I was on-site by 0800 and called the call centre. Cory was a champ in getting me connected with help at the eye clinic. They were quite happy that I was, but a few moments away. I made my way to the Specialty Care Building and let the front desk know to contact the Contact lens tech. A bit later, the tech came out and informed me that a Contact Lens doctor wasn’t available, and she couldn’t see me without a doctor there. However, not all was lost as she was coordinating with the Cornea clinic and a Cornea doctor would see me. After a bit of waiting, the Cornea tech took me back to an exam room and did the things that she needed to do. Then the Fellow came in, looked at the eye. Noting that there wasn’t any damage, or melting to the keratoprothetic in my right eye. So, crisis averted. The other checks she did were all within acceptable limits. The doctor washed out my eye and then reinserted the lens in one try. I told her that it was nearly magical that she’d done it. I shared that a former Fellow that used to work with my main cornea doctor had dificulty inserting the lens and we’d joked that putting the lens in was his final exam. The current Fellow laughed, and said then this was her final test as her Fellowship ended in less than a week. I asked about her future plans and wished her well with her future endevours. After that, it was just a matter of getting home. The kindness shown to me by the young lady behind the Metra Information Desk was gladly accepted and greatly appreciated.
So, now, I’m home safe and wrote this minor tale. Stay safe out there.