Exploration: Kitten style….

This afternoon, I introduced the six month old kitties to the rest of the house. I’ve kept the kitterlings in my bedroom since I brought them home because I was treating an ulcerated cornea in Cookie’s right eye. Cornea ulcerations are something I’m quite familiar with since my left cornea was ulcerated by a virus when I was a toddler. Luckily, Cookie’s won’t recur or get worse as mine do when the virus flares up. My reasoning for quarentining the kitterlings for so long was to make sure that I was able to put the antibiotic salve in Cookie’s eye twice a day. Funnily enough, it’s the same antibiotic that I put in my own left eye. I took them down to the basement and itnroduced them to the big litter boxes in the basement. Cookie used one! Then I moved their foodbowls downstairs to the basement. I filled Harley’s ( SH ) foodbowl with water so there is plenty for them to drink.
I was able to get Milk to follow me up the stairs from the basement into the DCL. Then he made it to the upper ( Bedroom level ) on his own.
Cookie came up two, or three steps then skittered back down into the basement.
I left them both to explore the basement and came up here to write this update. I’m considering keeping the small litter box the’ve been using while quarentined in my bedroom there. At least for a bit. I’ll close this post out with the happy news that both kitterlings have come upstairs and have found me in my Study.
Here’s to curious kitterlings!!